Pharm D Project Work - 2010-2014

Project title

Project Supervisor/Place of Work

An Evaluation of management strategies for DVT prophylaxis in a tertiary care centre


A pilot Pharmacovigilance study using tracer techniques


Evaluation of the  antibiotics used for lower respiratory tract infections in a multi specialty hospital


A study on the graft outcomes of renal transplant patients in a transplant unit


An evaluation of the Intravenous to oral conversion of drugs in a tertiary care hospital.


A study on medication reconciliation in a surgery unit of a tertiary care center


Prescription analysis of patients admitted to emergency room of a tertiary care center.

Mrs.Susmitha. K

Management and Outcomes of Tuberculosis in a tertiary care center

Dr.AparnaY, Dr.SuneethaNarreddy

A Retrospective study of the use of antiplatelet agents used in PCI

Dr.Aparna Y

A prospective observational study of anemia in hemodialysis population on hematinics and Erythropoietins Dr.Aparna Y, Dr.Parthasarathi S
Clinical Outcomes and Management of Meningitis  A prospective, Retrospective, observational study

Dr.Aparna Y, Dr.SubhashiniPrabhakar

Treatment options and cost analysis of various cancers

Dr. Prathima Srinivas, Dr.Sanjeev Sharma

Prophylaxis and pharmacoeconomics of surgical site infections Dr. Prathima Srinivas, Dr.Sanjeev Sharma
Study on uterine fibroids and bleeding in gynecology department Dr.Prathima S, Dr.LakshmiPrasanna
A study on use of restricted abx protocol in the hospital setting Mrs.Visalakshi, Dr.Sanjeev Sharma
Open-label, Non-randomized, Observational,
Real-Life Study of the efficacy and safety of
treatment with Biphasic Insulin Aspart(NovoMix® 30)
in hospitalized patients with Type 2Diabetes mellitus
Mrs.Visalaskhi, Dr.Ravisankar E
A study on Use of inotropes in critical care

Mrs.Visalakshi, Dr.Sanjeev Sharma



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